• Supreme Court Strikes Down EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for Power Plants +

    In a 5-4 decision authored by Justice Scalia, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 29, 2015 that the Environmental Read More
  • Physical Security Regulatory Initiatives Expand to the State Level +

    Focus on the 2013 attack on the Metcalf substation in San Jose, California, resulted in regulatory action at the Federal Read More
  • FCC Votes to Expand Lifeline Service to Provide Low-Income Households Access to Broadband +

    On June 19, 2015 the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) approved a plan to explore restructuring and modernizing the Lifeline program Read More
  • EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Consumer-Owned Utilities Need a Seat at the Table +

    DWGP has been actively engaged in monitoring and assisting clients in staying current on, and impacting the outcome of, the Read More
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