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As we turn the corner into April and brighter days ahead, Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer & Pembroke, P.C. (DWGP) wants to thank our clients for the opportunity to provide valuable legal insight based on institutional knowledge and forward-thinking in tune with the advancements of the energy industry.
We wish to highlight just a few of the exciting developments at DWGP in 2021:

  • This month, DWGP celebrates 50 years of loyal, excellent, and innovative service to clients nationwide.
  • DWGP has recently added Peter Kissel, an authority in the hydroelectric legal community, to support our Firm’s hydro practice.
  • We have expanded our California office, adding Sylwia Dakowicz to DWGP’s attorneys serving clients in the West; while also adding Ellen Hill as an attorney in our DC office.  Another associate, Gelane Diamond, will be joining the DWGP family as an attorney in our DC office this fall.    
  • As part of the Firm’s year-long 50th anniversary celebration, DWGP is hosting a series of webinars throughout the year on current, legal developments affecting our clients and the energy industry more generally.  You may have already seen the webinar DWGP presented earlier this year by Jeff Genzer and Derek Dyson providing their insight as to the expectations from Washington with the change in administration.  Future webinars will similarly provide useful information on current developments in the industry.
  • As always, DWGP is ready and able to assist clients on federal and state legislative and regulatory matters, ranging from transmission, renewable energy, climate initiatives, vehicle and building electrification, grid reliability, natural gas pipeline integrity, cost-conscious ratemaking, and regional markets.

We are grateful for our clients’ long-standing relationships with DWGP, and we look forward to providing valuable legal service and insight to our clients in the years ahead.