Rulemaking to Examine the Transition to Time Varying and Dynamic Rates; Proceeding No. R1206013; Publication Date: 4/21/15.

A Proposed Decision would approve residential rate reforms, including time-of-use rates and steps to flatten the tier structure for the three major investor-owned utilities in California. The Commission would direct the IOUs to take the next steps in residential rate reform. Comments are due 5/11.

SCE Application of a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Coolwater-Lugo Transmission Project; Proceeding No. A1308023; Publication Date: 4/20/15.

A Proposed Decision would dismiss SCE’s Application for the Coolwater-Lugo Transmission Project, without prejudice, given the impact of significant material changes in grid conditions, such as increased available capacity. All parties agree that several new CAISO studies will be necessary to determine the existence and timing of any residual need for transmission upgrades. Comments are due 5/11.

Application of SDG&E for Authority to Update Marginal Costs; Proceeding No. A1504012; Filed Date: 4/13/15.

SDG&E submitted an Application for Phase 2 of SDG&E’s 2016 Test Year General Rate Case including electric marginal costs, marginal cost revenue responsibility, revenue allocation and rate design. Comments are due 5/13.

Application of SDG&E for Approval of its 2016 Electric Procurement Revenue Requirement Forecasts and GHG-Related Forecasts; Proceeding No. A1504014; Filed Date: 4/15/15.

SDG&E submitted an application for approval of its 2016 forecast of: (1) the Energy Resource Recovery Account (“ERRA”) revenue requirement, which includes greenhouse gas costs; (2) the Competition Transition Charge revenue requirement; (3) the Local Generation revenue requirement; (4) SONGS Unit 1 Offsite Spent Fuel Storage Cost revenue requirement; and (5) the GHG allowance revenues and return allocations. SDG&E also requests approval (1) for its proposed 2016 Local Generation Charge rates; and (2) for its proposed vintage Power Charge Indifference Adjustment rates. Comments are due 5/15.

SCE Application for Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Construct the Riverside Transmission Reliability Project (“RTRP”); Proceeding No. A1504013; Filed Date: 4/15/15.

SCE submitted an Application proposing to construct RTRP with Riverside Public Utilities (“RPU”). RPU would be generally responsible for the construction of RTRP elements within Riverside’s jurisdiction, including the proposed 220/66 kV Wilderness Substation, certain interconnection and telecommunication facilities, and subtransmission lines. SCE would be responsible for, and the CPCN application is submitted in support of, the construction of RTRP’s “ISO Controlled Facilities,” including construction of a new 220 kV Substation (“Wildlife Substation”) and approximately 10 miles of a new, double circuit 220 kV transmission line loop into the Wildlife Substation. Comments are due 5/15.


Integrated Energy Policy Report 2015:

The CEC Lead Commissioner for Renewables will conduct a workshop on 5/11 to discuss progress on actions identified in the 2012 IEPR Update Renewable Action Plan and to solicit stakeholder input on issues and potential solutions for reaching Governor Brown's goal of renewables for 50 percent of California's electricity use by 2030. Written comments are due 5/26.

CEC Chair Responds to PacifiCorp’s Plans to Explore Joining the California ISO.

CEC Chair Weisenmiller issued a response to the announcement of PacifiCorp signing a memorandum of understanding to explore their full participation in the ISO marketplace, lauding the potential addition as a way of achieving a clean energy vision.


ARB Chair Announcement re: 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target.

ARB Chair Mary Nichols released a statement lauding Governor Brown’s announced 2030 target for an additional 40 percent reduction in California’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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