Physical Security Order Instituting Rulemaking (“OIR”); Proceeding No. R.15-06-009; File Date: June 22, 2015.
The CPUC issued an OIR to fulfill the requirements of certain state statutes, including SB 699, to develop electrical, physical security requirements that reach into the distribution level.  The OIR would also supplement current rules regarding disaster preparedness.  Comments are due 7/22.

Application of PG&E for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity; Proceeding No. A1506015; File Date: 6/17/15.
PG&E seeks authorization to construct a new, approximately 2.4-mile-long, single circuit 230 kV Generation Tie-Line to connect Contra Costa Generating Station LLC’s proposed Oakley Generating Station, a 624 MW combined-cycle gas-fired power plant, to the CAISO-Controlled Grid.  Comments are due 7/17.

OIR and Order to Show Cause re: June 19, 2012 Incident at the Kern Power Plant; Proceeding No. I1408022; File Date: 6/19/15.
A Proposed Decision would approve an all-party settlement of this Commission-ordered investigation into a 2012 fatality at the decommissioned Kern Power Plant. The accident occurred during demolition of an unused fuel oil tank by a subcontractor of PG&E. The settlement imposes penalties on PG&E shareholders totaling $5,569,313.

PG&E 2016 Energy Resource Recovery Account Forecast (“ERRA”) Application; Proceeding No. A1506001; Filed Date: 6/1/15. 
PG&E submitted a 2016 ERRA and Generation Non-Bypassable Charges Forecast and Greenhouse Gas Forecast Revenue and Reconciliation Application.  The comment date is 7/1.

SDG&E ERRA Compliance Filing; Proceeding No. A1506002; Filed Date: 6/1/15. 
SDG&E submitted an application for review of contract administration, least-cost dispatch and power procurement activities in 2014, and those costs recorded to its ERRA.  The comment date is 7/1.

Application of PG&E to Recover Costs Recorded in the Catastrophic Event Memorandum Account (“CEMA”); Proceeding No. A1505016; Filed Date: 6/1/15. 
PG&E requests authorization to recover $26.6 million in electric revenue requirements that are associated with the expenses incurred in 2014 in responding to the drought and the CEMA Directives.  To mitigate impacts of the drought, PG&E initiated six new Vegetation Management activities to reduce the likelihood of fires associated with PG&E’s electric distribution facilities. The comment date is 7/1.

OIR to Oversee the Resource Adequacy Program; Proceeding No. R1410010; Published Date: 5/26/15.
A Proposed Decision would adopt local capacity procurement and flexible capacity obligations for 2016 applicable to Commission-jurisdictional electric load serving entities, and makes minor refinements to the resource adequacy program.

Application of PG&E for Approval of its 2010 Rate Design Window Proposal for 2-Part Peak Time Rebate; Proceeding Nos. A1002028 and A10078005, Publication Date: 5/21/15.
A Proposed Decision would dismiss two consolidated Applications filed by PG&E, one consisting of an Application for a Peak-Time Rebate Program (but with an order for PG&E to prepare an updated analysis of the cost-effectiveness of its Smart Meter Upgrade project without the previously-anticipated benefits of the Peak-Time Rebate program), and two, PG&E’s Default Residential Rate Program, which is determined to be moot.

OIR on the Commission’s Natural Gas and Electric Safety Citation Programs; Proceeding No. R1405013, Publication Date: 5/22/15.
A decision disposes of the application for rehearing filed by PG&E regarding a gas safety citation program created after the San Bruno explosion.

San Bruno; Proceeding No. A1312012; Publication Date: 5/21/15.
An ALJ ruling grants in part a motion filed by PG&E to adopt a schedule to implement the provisions of an Ordering Paragraph of the San Bruno penalty decision. 

OIR on Renewables Portfolio Standard Program; Proceeding No. R1502020; Publication Date: 5/21/15.
An Assigned Commissioner issued a scoping ruling setting a schedule for the Commission’s review of the 2015 Renewables Portfolio Standard Procurement Plans and of related documents for electric corporations.


Near-Term Method for Estimating Generation Fuel Displaced by Avoided Use of Grid Electricity.
The CEC posted a Staff paper regarding calculating emissions reduction and generation fuel displaced resulting from avoided generation. 

Investing in Innovative Water & Energy Saving Technologies.
The CEC posted a 6/2 webex recording in Fresno regarding its joint agency effort to implement a Water Energy Technology (“WET”) program to provide funding for innovative technologies that display significant water savings, energy savings, and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Utility Scale Energy Storage, Grid-Saver™ Fast Energy Storage System - Final Project Report.
The CEC posted an evaluation by Transportation Power, Inc. of two grid-scale fast energy storage systems.

Carlsbad Energy Center, Docket No. 07-AFC-06C, June 9, 2015.
The CEC committee conducting proceedings on the Carlsbad Energy Center Project (“CECP”) issued its Presiding Member's Proposed Decision recommending approval of the two amendments being considered on the project.  The CECP was originally approved by the CEC as a 540-MW natural gas-fired combined-cycle power generator.  In 2014, Carlsbad Energy Center LLC proposed modifying it to a 632-MW natural gas-fired, simple-cycle power generator.

Puente Power Project, Docket No. 15-AFC-01; June 10, 2015.
An application for certification for the Puente Power Project (“PPP”) was adopted as data adequate, beginning the 12-month licensing review process for the proposed 262-MW natural gas-fired power plant in Oxnard.


Third Joint Cap-and-Trade Auction
California and Quebec released the results of the May 21, 2015 joint cap-and-trade auction of carbon allowances. The final numbers include sales figures and settlement prices for 2013, 2015 and 2018 vintages.

2030 Carbon Target and Adaptation
CARB posted a revised FAQ regarding the 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Draft Funding Guidelines
The ARB has released a draft version of the Funding Guidelines for agencies that are administering appropriations from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

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