Order Instituting Rulemaking on Residential Rate Structures; Proceeding No. R12060123; Publication Date: 7/13/15.
The Commission issued a decision directing rate reforms for the three major investor-owned utilities. The Commission approves time-of use rates and directs the convergence of rate tiers.

Application of SDG&E to Update Electric Rate Design; Proceeding No. A1401027; Filed Date: 7/10/15.
A Proposed Decision would deny without prejudice SDG&E’s request to modify its time-of-use periods by shifting the on-peak period to occur later in the day and by creating a “super off-peak” period. Comments are due July 30.

Order Instituting Rulemaking Regarding California Solar Initiative; Proceeding No. R1211005; Publication Date: 7/10/15.
A Proposed Decision would update the GHG emission factor that determines eligibility to participate in the Self Generation Incentive Program. Comments are due July 30.

Resolution E-4726; SCE 2014 RPS Shortlist Report; Issued Date: 7/14/15.
A draft resolution will approve SCE’s Shortlist Report with modifications. The Shortlist Report consists of the list of projects with which SCE would like to engage in negotiations for purposes of entering into a power purchase agreement.

Short-Run Avoided Cost for Payments to Qualifying Facilities; Proceeding No. A0811001; Publication Date: 7/9/15.
A Proposed Decision would deny the California Cogeneration Council’s petition to modify Decision 10-12-035 to extend the termination date for transition power purchase agreements under the Qualifying Facility and Combined Heat and Power Program Settlement Agreement.

Application of PG&E for Adoption of its Electric Distribution Resources Plan; Proceeding No. A1507006; Filed Date: 7/1/15.
PG&E submitted an Application requesting approval of its Electric Distribution Resources Plan (“DRP”). This Plan describes use of “distribution energy resources” such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy storage to modernize the grid. The comment date is July 31.
Other DRPs submitted include (comment date for all filings is July 31).
Liberty Utilities (Cal Peco Electric) submitted a simplified DRP:

Application of PG&E for Irrevocable License for use of Utility Support Structures; Proceeding No. A1507012; Filed Date: 7/7/15.
PG&E requested approval to grant an irrevocable right to use certain fiber optics lines and equipment sites as set forth in an agreement with ExteNet Systems (California) LLC. The comment date is Aug. 6.

Order Instituting Rulemaking to Address Utility Cost and Revenue Issues Associated with GHG Emissions; Proceeding No. R1103012; Publication Date: 7/2/15.
A Proposed Decision would modify, on the Commission’s own motion, a Decision Adopting GHG Allowance Revenue Allocation Formulas and Distribution Methodologies for Emissions-Intensive and Trade-Exposed Customers, based on a recommendation that changes are necessary to address inconsistencies between the data inputs and methodologies to return GHG allowance proceeds to emissions-intensive and trade exposed industries and those used by CARB to calculate Industry Assistance pursuant to its Cap-and-Trade Regulation. The comment date is July 22.


Hydrogen Energy California, Docket No. 08-AFC-08A
The committee reviewing the proposed 390 MW HECA power plant proposed for Kern County rejected a motion to terminate the project’s application for certification (“AFC”) and granted a separate request to suspend the AFC for six months, in order to achieve certain milestones such as executing a carbon dioxide buyer agreement and carbon sequestration agreement.

Online Map Tracking Water and Energy Resources
The CEC has posted an online map identifying key sources of water for the state's largest 100 thermal power plants.

Joint Auction of GHG Allowances
The CEC posted the Eighth Edition of the Renewables Portfolio Standard Eligibility Guidebook, which describes the eligibility requirements and process for certifying eligible renewable energy resources under California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard.

Joint Auction of GHG Allowances
ARB posted an official notice for the California Cap-and-Trade Program and Québec Cap-and-Trade System Joint Auction of GHG Allowances, to be held on August 18, 2015.

California GHG Inventory
ARB released the latest edition of the state’s GHG Emission Inventory, which shows that emissions fell by 1.5 million metric tons in 2013 compared with the previous year even while the economy grew at 2.0 percent, which is a rate greater than the national average. The Inventory is described as showing that the state is on track to meet 2020 goals.

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