Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer & Pembroke has represented clients in energy and utility matters since its founding in 1971. DWGP's experience enables it to provide prompt, accurate and in-depth analysis of state and federal energy and utility laws and regulations. The Firm develops creative strategies and options for clients, provides advice on business decisions, drafts and reviews contracts and agreements, and serves as transactional counsel.

Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer & Pembroke's experience particularly includes trial and appellate litigation before state and federal administrative agencies and courts and legislative representation at the state and federal levels. The Firm's energy and public utility services include:

  • advise municipal electric utilities, rural electric cooperatives, irrigation districts and joint action agencies on all areas of energy and utility law
  • consultation in compliance with and development of mandatory electric reliability standard, including advice in developing on-going compliance plans and defense and negotiated settlement of alleged violations of standards
  • negotiation and litigation on wholesale and retail rates
  • business advice and litigation in both electric and natural gas transmission access and pricing proceedings
  • advise and represent local natural gas distribution companies, gatherers, marketers, producers, processors and intrastate and interstate natural gas pipelines on regulatory, tariff, rate, certificate, and contract matters
  • advise clients on standards of conduct and anti-market manipulation matters
  • consultation in the development of bulk power supply plans, demand-side management, and acquiring federal and non-federal hydroelectric power
  • consultation on matters, and drafting documents, pertaining to utility power supply acquisition, pooling, and operational agreements
  • formation of new public power entities, agencies, and associations
  • consultation and litigation in state and federal licensing proceedings
  • litigation in utility merger proceedings

Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer & Pembroke's attorneys have conducted extensive and complex state and federal public utility litigation. DWGP attorneys have advised both individual public utilities and large, diverse groups of utilities in generation, transmission, and demand-side management projects. The Firm draws upon the experience of numerous attorneys for responding to each client's energy and utility concerns.