Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer & Pembroke represents locally-owned and operated utilities, non-profit organizations, and state agencies that make sustainability integral to their mission and an element of their decision-making process.  Our attorneys support achievement of sustainability objectives through representation on energy, environmental, and economic matters. 

DWGP’s services supporting sustainability objectives include the following:


  • Policy and advocacy on climate change adaptation and mitigation, EV charging, hydrogen technologies
  • Compliance with energy security requirements (NERC/FERC Reliability Standards; resource adequacy)
  • Obtaining federal funding for sustainable practices
  • Implementing retail rate design that accommodates changing customer use and promotes innovative energy proposals
  • Developing, purchasing, and transferring renewable resources (biomass, geothermal, hydropower, ocean energy – tidal/ocean thermal conversion, solar, wind, as well as hybrid and co-located resources)
  • Incorporating reserve and grid resilience planning requirements
  • Implementing microgrids, smart technology, storage technologies, risk-based climate change adaptation, green building practices
  • Developing transmission projects


  • Pursuing environmental justice and supporting underserved communities
  • Contracting for carbon capture technologies and supporting grant opportunities
  • Preparing carbon offsets and futures contracts
  • Obtaining grants for carbon recovery, net zero emissions
  • Applying clean air and clean water standards
  • Documenting and securing energy project environmental attributes
  • Preparing project permitting and licensing; defending enforcement
  • Applying Renewable Portfolio Standards
  • Complying with land use requirements 


  • Monitoring programs that support equality of access to sustainable technologies
  • Obtaining grants, promoting affordability, and supporting economic development
  • Developing industry and infrastructure projects
  • Policy support and grant opportunities for smart technology