DWGP has a proud history of participating in the leadership of the Energy Bar Association, and this year is no different.  At its 2021 Annual Meeting & Conference, EBA members elected and announced its officers and Board of Directors, and among the directors elected includes DWGP’s own Lisa Gast.  Lisa has served EBA and its sister organization, the Foundation for the Energy Law Journal (FELJ), for over 20 years—with EBA as Board member (director), Assistant Secretary, Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, and Treasurer, and with FELJ as Board member (director), Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President. 

DWGP is also proud to announce that it counts another EBA Board member (director) among its ranks.  Nina Wu of the George Washington University Law School, who is joining DWGP as a summer associate today, was elected as the Student Board Member.  Congratulations to Nina (and to EBA)!

June 1, 2021