During its January 19, 2021 Open Meeting, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) approved an order in Docket No. AD20-9, where it recognizes the ongoing initiatives Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators (“RTO/ISO”) are undertaking to address hybrid resources. The order asks RTO/ISOs to submit reports within six months regarding four topical areas: terminology, interconnection, market participation, and capacity evaluation. In his remarks, Commissioner Neil Chatterjee expressed his support for continued work on hybrid resources, mentioning that expanding market access to storage resources in Order No. 841 was a foundational element of his agenda as the Chair of FERC. Commissioner Allison Clements commented that this order will further FERC’s efforts to assess the technical and market issues affecting hybrid resources in particular. The order was approved as part of the consent agenda.

The Order may be found here.

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