cyber security

While the energy sector has experienced ransomware cyberattacks, most notably the recent Colonial Pipeline incident, the nation-states and other criminal enterprises executing these attacks are flexing their muscles across numerous critical infrastructure sectors.  The latest ransomware attack occurred in the agriculture sector against JBS, the world’s largest meat producer.  Organizations operating in Russia are again suspected of being behind the attack.

The Colonial Pipeline incident highlighted the potential for significant supply chain impacts by causing the panic-buying of and ultimately shortages in gasoline throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the US.  The JBS incident, which occurred over the Memorial Day weekend, had the potential to significantly impact the US and international supply chain for meat production/supply.  However, JBS was able to quickly address the attack and meat production recovered before any significant, adverse impacts were felt by the consumer. 

However, the JBS incident still had the following impacts:

  • Shutdown of all JBS beef plants in the US, and other JBS plants in Canada and Australia.
  • Many other JBS facilities in the US experienced some level of disruption.
  • Upended agricultural markets and raised concerns about the meat production supply chain.
  • The effective use of data backup servers helped to limit the system downtimes.

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June 9, 2021